This is a support group for women over 40 to network, share their successes and their challenges, and build a community of Warm Wise Women to support each other as they enter a new chapter in their lives.


The group will be moderated by admins from Warm Marketing.  We will be available to answer brief questions, recommend services from our company, or from our partners, and assure that the group remains a support group. advertising, foul or cruel language, and trolls will not be allowed. 

We are committed to collaborating with members who offer similar services to our firm.  We believe that there are enough clients for everyone. We also and that our partners may be able to provide services that Warm Marketing cannot provide due to times constraints, or marketing knowledge that falls outside the realm of our knowledge.

You can join the Warm Wise Women by clicking on the button up above. Read the rules and answering a few simple questions.  An admin will review your request and approve your request to join the group.