The Warm Twins

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Susan has worked in multiple different fields: fashion merchandising, the wine industry, gym ownership, crisis intervention, E-commerce, and program management. She worked for one of Inc. Magazines Top 500 E-commerce Companies for over ten years.  Starting in the sales department, she worked her way up to the marketing and merchandising department. 


Susan has joined forces with her twin sister, Sally Andreatta, to find everything you need to celebrate summer 2021. Recommendations from our friends around the world and long-time friends with excellent taste.


As a self-diagnosed job hopper, Susan has learned from many industries.  Her passion is to advocate for the mental health community, support children who have been removed from their families, abused, or traumatized.

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COO, Warm Marketing

Sally brings her years of experience as a non-profit executive, and her well-honed knowledge of business operations, to the position of Warm Marketing’s Chief Operations Officer.  She is also Susan’s identical twin sister.  Identical in their passion for community service, and the empowerment of women in the latter half of their careers, Sally’s career has focused on fund-raising, government grants, and overseeing operations for both for-profit and non-profit businesses.  She started her career in the marketing industry but soon realized that her ability to take complicated projects and look at them from a different lens and apply creative solutions to them was her sweet spot.

As the head of operations, Sally oversees finance, human resources, organizational processes, and strategies to improve Warm Marketing's productivity.  She also shares a passion for animal rescues, mental-health awareness, and support for underserved youth.

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Oh ladies, this is just beautiful.  I'm thrilled!!!!


Julia, you've really captured Classiqu Era; I'm actually crying a bit here.  It's come to life, I have a real website!!!  

Thank you for the number of hours and hard work you've obviously put into this project.  I am so happy. :)

- Anne Devlin, Owner & Designer of Classiqu Era

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